African Violets: Flower of the month!

Jessica Thursday, February 01, 2007
It’s February, time for the African Violets, the enduring symbol of friendship and faithfulness. Being the most popular house plants in America, all of us seem to have some nostalgia attached to them. But did you know that these perky blooms in shades of blue, purple and pink that grew on your window sills are now available in 14,000 hybrids!!

Botanical Names: Saintpaulia
Other Names: African Violet
Description: A five petaled velvety blossom.
Colors: purple, pink, white
Season: All year round
Meaning: Named for Baron Walter Von Saint Paul Illaire who discovered the plant in Tanzania in 1892. It symbolizes modesty, faithfulness and virtue.
Bloom Size: unknown
Color Pattern: solid
Facts: One of the most popular flowering houseplants.


Here are some info for the African violet fanciers.The blossoms are categorized by several different characteristics, including:

• number of petals: single, semi-double, or double
• shape: star-shaped, bell-shaped, wasp (narrow petals), etc.
• edge: fringed, rippled, different color, etc.
• markings: chimera (striped), fantasy (splotched or streaked), etc.
• color: two-tone, multicolor, etc.

Some of the defining features of African violet foliage include:

• shape: pointed, ovate, spoon, spider (elongated), etc.
• edge: scalloped, crested, ruffled, fringed, tailored, etc.
• texture: quilted, supreme (thick and hairy), etc.
• markings: variegated, crown, mosaic, etc.

You can find out how to grow and care for African Violets here.
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