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Jessica Saturday, March 29, 2008
Hello everyone!! I'm back after a really long time and I hope to carry on sharing with you the love I have for flowers. Mothers Day is near and I'm sure you have it at the back of your head. It brings along the perennial problem of what to give her! Let me make a point clear. Whatever you give her will make her endlessly happy because she is your mom. But, you must choose your Mothers Day gifts judiciously so that you feel happy and contented too.

Mothers day gift ideas are all about emotions and sentiments, gifts that speak of your mind more than your money. That is where flowers come in. They have a quiet, enduring value and though they dry up, they leave an ever-lasting impression on the mind. Choose your flowers carefully. Decide which flowers are her favorites, the color, the shape and size of the bouquet. You can also buy the flowers and design the bouquet yourself. Don't be cynic enough to think a flower is a miser's idea of a gift! Let not cost be a factor in matters of the heart. Your Mothers Day present is an ode to her love for you. The fresh bloom can say it better than a thousand words.

Along with the flowers, reach out to your mom by Mothers Day cards and Mothers Day greetings. Shower your love and respect on her and feel blessed when you see the twinkle in her eyes!

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